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About Us

If you’re looking for a good school in Warrington, then St Alban’s Catholic Primary School welcomes you!

Working well together is really important at our school and we do it really well.

About St Alban’s

St Alban’s is a friendly, inclusive Catholic Primary School in Warrington.   If you are interested in joining our school then contact details can be found by visiting our contact page, there you will find plenty of information on how to get in touch with our school and how to visit us .

At St Alban’s your child’s happiness is of prime importance to us. Our recently revised mission statement rules the way that we go about our daily school life:

At St Alban’s School we pray together, work together and play together

This is what our children said when we asked...  “What is special about our school?”

Here at St Alban’s we are inspired to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and to be the best that we can be by being kind and respecting everyone and everything. We do our best in school and at home, working hard and caring for each other and for the whole world. We know that we are all special in different ways and we always try to include everybody in our friendship.

The school strives to continuously include everyone within our community and we live by our mission statement: “Inspired to follow in the footsteps of Jesus’.  At St Alban’s School we pray together, work together, and play together“.

I’m sure you can already imagine the warm welcome you will receive from our – as Ofsted said – “well motivated” – pupils and from our hard working staff when you visit our school.

Our inclusive school thrives upon our strong Christian beliefs in accepting and respecting everyone who genuinely seeks a Christian education or a Faith based education.

The best way to find out what St Alban’s really has to offer, is to visit our school and see for yourself just how friendly our community is and how good our school really is.  Call us now and we will arrange a date for you to visit very soon.

We look forward to seeing you,

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