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Welcome to St Alban's Nursery Class!

Mrs Sheron and Miss Broderick welcome you to our Nursery class page!


What our session looks like...

We come in, put our snack and drink on the trolley, put our coat on our peg, then find our photograph and hang it on the tree.

We get busy in any of the areas in our environment. 

foundations logo

After a while we gather together and do our Foundations for Phonics activities, in small groups and whole class. Straight after this, we do our Wake up and Shake up routine!

Next we brush our teeth for two minutes every day, we know we need to look after our teeth.

Then we get busy in the environment or Miss might ask us to do an activity. 

Next we gather together to do Dough Disco, this helps the muscles in our hands to get strong.

After Dough Disco, we get washed up ready to sit together for snack.

dough disco

After we have enjoyed our snack, we gather to do our number work and have a sing-a-long before heading out to the outdoor environment.


After our morning of fun, play and learning, we get ready for hometime and sing our goodbye song.

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