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Welcome to Year 1's class page! We can't wait to share all the exciting and interesting things we have been learning about in class.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact school. 

Mrs Horton & Mrs Bloomer



At St Alban's we use Pathways to Write as our English scheme. 

Year 1's current text focus is The Lion Inside .  The children are learning about the features of a journey story. 

The children have mastery keys that they are working towards being confident with by the end of this half term. 


At St Alban's we follow the White Rose Scheme of Learrning in Maths.

Year 1's current focus in maths is Addition and Subtraction within 10.



Year 1's current topic in Science is Amazing Animals


History and Geography are alternated every 6 weeks. 

Year 1 are currently focusing on Geography and the topic is Warrington and Woodstock: Town Comparison. 

Art and Design/Design Technology

Art and Design and Design Technology are alternated every 6 weeks. 

Year 1 are currently focusing Art and Design. The skill the children will be developing is painting, with a focus on the work of Wassily Kandinsky.



Programming 2: 

Bee-Bots                                                              Using Bee-Bots to  navigate an area and  constructing simple algorithms, through the  story of The Three Little Pigs


As a school we approach RSHE from a Catholic perspective, using TEN:TEN, Live Life To The Full as our main programme. 

We will also be using resources from The PSHE Association.


Y1's P.E day is Monday. Children must come to school in the correct kit, including appropriate footwear. 

The first lesson of every PE block is focused on dance and then the children will be focusing on gynmastics this half term. 



As a school we follow Little Wandle Letters and Sounds as our Government accredited phonics scheme. 

In Year 1 the children have daily phonics sessions. 

To find out more about Little Wandle please follow the link below. The website has lots of helpful information as well as videos modelling correct puncuation of sounds. 



As a Catholic School, the teaching of the church is at the heart of everything we do. As well as daily worship, we follow RED 'To Know You More Clearly'.

This half term Y1 will be focusing on Branch 3, 

This half term Y1 will be focusing on Branch 3 of To Know You Well, Galilee to Jerusalem.
In this branch, pupils will experience the ministry of Jesus, the Word of God. They will learn about the life of Jesus and his revelation of the Kingdom of God through parables, encounters,miracles, and teachings.
As part of our daily collective worship we sing songs when we gather together, this is one of Y1's favourites. 



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