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Welcome to Year 1's class page! We can't wait to share all the exciting and interesting things we have been learning about in class.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact school. 


Year 1's current text focus is The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.  This text is being used as a hook for writing a non-fiction piece of work.  To support the writing of a report about butterflies, Y1 are currently helping to look after caterpillars as they go through their metamorphosis into butterflies. 


Year 1's current focus in maths is place value to 50, as well as counting in 2s,5s and 10s. The children have been focusing on partitioning numbers into their tens and ones, finding one more and ones less and comparing numbers. 

The below videos explain what the children have been learning and the methods they used. 



Year 1's current topic in Science is Plants 

The children have been investigating the different parts of a plant, and beginnign to understand that not all plants have flowers. The children have planted their own seeds and will be observing these over the half term. 







History and Geography are alternated every 6 weeks. 

Year 1 are currently focusing on Geography and our topic is 'Comparing Towns'. The children are learning about 2 towns of a similar size, one is Warrington and the other is the non-European town of Woodstock in NY, USA. 

The children have been comparing maps of the 2 towns and using their previous knowledge of human and physical features, to indentify different landmarks and places in both towns.  


Art and Design/Design Technology

Art and Design and Design Tecnhology are alternated every 6 weeks. 

Year 1 are currently focusing on Design and Technology and the medium they are exploring is freestanding structures.  

The children are exploring using different mediums to create strong structures using different joining techniques. 


Year 1 LOVE their weekly computing lessons. The children have become competant at logging into the computers, opening, minimising, maximising and closing applications and using the track pad to move the cursor on the screen. 

The current focus is using those skills to create art online using the free drawing software, Sketchpad. 

This is the link should anyone want to practise at home!


This week the children have been polishing their cursor control skills by play bubble pop. This is the link so the children can practise at home 



As a school we approach RSHE from a Catholic perspective, using TEN:TEN, Live Life To The Full as our main programme. 

We will also be using resources from The PSHE Association. 

This half term Year 1 will be focusing on emotional wellbeing, with an emphasis on feelings, likes and dislikes. 



As a school we follow Little Wandle Letters and Sounds as our Government accredited phonics scheme. 

In Year 1 the children have daily phonics sessions in smaller groups across KS1. 

To find out more about Little Wandle please follow the link below. The website has lots of helpful information as well as videos modelling correct puncuation of sounds. 



As a Catholic School, the teaching of the church is at the heart of everything we do. As well as daily worship, we follow the Come and See Scheme. Our current R.E topic is Change. 

Prior learning: Lent: a time to grow more like Jesus and look forward to Easter

This Topic: learning outcomes

Know and understand:

•  That we change and grow – Explore

•  Lent; a time to change in preparation for the celebration of Easter – Reveal

Acquire the skills of assimilation, celebration and application of the above – Respond


During our daily collective worship we sing songs when we gather together, this is one of Y1's favourites. 

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