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Full Governing Body Membership 2022-2023

All Foundation Governors are appointed by the Archdiocese of Liverpool, Local Authority Governor is proposed by LA and agreed by Archdiocese, Parent Governors elected by parents and approved by Archdiocese,  Staff Governor elected by staff and approved by Archdiocese.

There are currently two vacancies for Foundation Governors and one vacancy for an LA Governor.


Governor Category Name Term of Office Other declarable interests
Foundation Governor     Chair Mrs Bernadette Gorman 04.10.2023 - 03.10.2027 None
Foundation Governor   Vice Chair Mrs Maria McGarry 15.10.2021 - 14.10.2025 Archdiocese School Officer and  governor in other schools
Foundation Governor Mrs Colleen Everett 28.10.2020 - 27.10.2024 Headteacher of a Catholic Primary School
Foundation Governor Mr Arkadiusz Jania 13.06.2022 - 12.06.2026  None
Foundation Governor Mrs Linta Mathew 23.03.2023 - 22.03.2027 None
Foundation Governor Vacancy  
Foundation Governor Vacancy    
LA Governor Vacancy    
Parent Governor Mr Suresh Krisshna 11.10.2022 - 10.10.2026 None
Parent Governor Vacancy    
Headteacher Mrs Jane Hardman 01.09.2020 -  Governor at another school
Staff Governor Miss Laura Taylor 02.09.2022 - 01.09.2026 None

Pecuniary interest forms are completed each year, interests were declared as above

The full Governing Body meets once each half term.

Additional Committees – meet as required

Headteacher Performance Management

  • Mrs Bernadette Gorman
  • Mrs Maria McGarry

Pay Committee

  • Mr Suresh Krisshna
  • Mr Arek Jania
  • Mrs Linta Mathew
  • Mrs Jane Hardman (Headteacher - advising governors)

Admissions Committee

  • Mrs Bernadette Gorman
  • Miss Laura Taylor
  • Mrs Jane Hardman

Staff/Pupil Disciplinary/Pay Appeals/Appeals/Complaints

Appeals Committees will be formed as and when needed. The Vice Chair of Governors will be responsible for calling a group of governors together.

Roles and Responsibilities

SEND and Inclusion - Mr Bernadette Gorman

Child Protection and Safeguarding - Mrs Colleen Everett

Pupil Premium - Mrs Bernadette Gorman

RE - Mrs Maria McGarry

English - Mrs Colleen Everett

Maths - Mrs Linta Mathew

Science - Mr Suresh Krisshna

Early Years - Mr Arek Jania

Other Curriculum Areas - Mrs Maria McGarry

Governor Meeting Attendance Record 2022-2023

Governor Meeting Attendance Record 2023-2024

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